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At Namly, we take pride in presenting a world of creativity and design through our extensive category of wall decor. In our range, you'll find everything from playful wall stickers to elegant wall decor that breathes new life into every room. Our vision is to provide you with the tools to transform your walls into artworks that reflect your style, interests, and the moments that bring joy to your life.

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Transform your child's room with wall decals that turn the space into a haven filled with color, imagination, and adventure. Let us guide you through how our unique decals can breathe life into a child's room.


A child's room is where dreams and play go hand in hand, and this is where our children's wall stickers come into play. With these, you can turn an ordinary room into a vibrant stage for endless childlike imagination. Choose from wall decor featuring colorful jungles, magical space worlds, or mysterious underwater realms and watch the room come alive, stimulating creativity.


Our wall decals aren't just for beauty's sake; they're a playground in themselves. They entice children to interact, create their own stories, and embark on adventures. Each wall sticker comes with a story that children can continue to weave, making the room a part of the play.


Because children grow and change quickly, wall stickers are practical for keeping up with their evolving interests. Our stickers are easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Update the child's room according to their latest passion or interest area without worrying about damaging the walls or using harsh chemicals.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh update with Namly Design's tile decals. Why embark on major renovation projects when you can achieve an impressive transformation with a sticker? These self-adhesive solutions turn dull surfaces into a new and fresh environment without emptying your wallet or taking up your valuable time.


With a selection of designs ranging from sophisticated to playful, our tile decals offer endless opportunities to express your style. Each wall decal is carefully designed to provide the impression of high-quality tiles and textures that can transform any room. They are incredibly easy to apply, just peel and stick. Not only that, with our variety of wall decals, you can choose between timeless patterns and the latest trends to keep your space modern and fresh.


Our tile decals are more than just stickers. They are made to last and withstand the daily wear and tear inevitable in kitchens and bathrooms. The waterproof surface means they are easy to clean and will resist splashes and stains, making them a practical and durable alternative to traditional tiles. Moreover, when you feel like a style change, wall decals can be easily replaced to reflect the latest interior trends or your personal taste.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Wall decals are designed to change the appearance of a room without major efforts. They are perfect for children's rooms where interests can change quickly. With a simple move, you can remove old wall stickers and replace them with new ones, keeping the room fresh and exciting.
  • Simple and Clean Installation: Unlike traditional renovation methods like drilling or nailing, our wall decals require no tools or special skills. You can decorate your home by yourself without the risk of damaging the walls or needing subsequent cleaning.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Using wall decals is an economical way to change the look of your home. It costs a fraction of the price compared to extensive painting or wallpapering, yet the result can be equally spectacular.
  • Personal Touch: With our extensive range of styles and patterns, you can find the perfect wall decals to reflect your personal taste. This makes it easier to add a personal touch to your home that reflects your style and personality.
  • High Visual Impact: A well-placed wall sticker can transform an ordinary wall into a piece of art. It's an easy way to add color, pattern, or character to a room without changing its entire decor.
  • Easy to Clean: Wall decals from Namly Design are made to last and are easy to maintain. A damp cloth is sufficient to wipe away stains or dust, making them ideal for places like kitchens and bathrooms where cleanliness is important.
  • Create Themes and Atmosphere: If you want a specific atmosphere or theme in your room, wall decals can quickly help you achieve that. Choose from various themes like nature, cities, abstract art, or cartoon characters to create a unique environment.
  • No Long-term Commitment: For renters or those who enjoy changing their home often, wall decals offer an excellent solution. Since they are not permanent, you can experiment with the design without worrying about restoring to the original condition later.

Wall decor and wall stickers are two trendy ways to personalize your home, but they serve different functions and cater to different needs.


Wall decor is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from detailed wallpaper panels to individual artworks and sculptural elements mounted on the wall. Wall decor is generally designed to be lasting features in interior design and can be the perfect choice if you want to make a statement in rooms like the living room or bedroom. This type of wall decor is often more detailed and may even include textured surfaces that mimic everything from wood to metal, providing a deeper visual experience.


Wall stickers are usually made of thin vinyl and are intended for more temporary use compared to wall decor. They are extremely popular in children's rooms, where changing tastes may require frequent updates to the room. They are also an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms where they can withstand moisture and be easily replaced if styles change. The flexibility of wall stickers is also a significant advantage as they can be removed without damaging the surface, making them perfect for renters or those who prefer not to make a permanent alteration to their decor.

Namly helps you make a choice for creativity, simplicity, and flexibility with wall decor in your interior. Namly offers a wide range of wall decor options that add personality and style to your home in a way that is easy and affordable. Here are a few reasons why Namly is the obvious choice to transform your space:

Innovative design: Namly has mastered the art of combining aesthetics with functionality. Our wall decor is designed to impress and inspire, whether you aim for a subtle accent or a dramatic makeover.

Quality that counts: Every product from Namly is built to last. With durability in mind, only the finest materials are used to ensure your wall decor looks great year after year.

Flexibility in change: In a world that's constantly evolving, Namly adapts to your needs. Our decorations are easy to apply to the wall and easy to remove and replace, giving you the freedom to update your decor whenever inspiration strikes.

Customer-focused service: We value every interaction, from the initial visit to our website to the moment your new wall decor transforms your space. Our team is available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer support throughout your interior design journey, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Give your home the transformation it deserves with Namly Designs' unique and trendy wall decor. With easy installation, versatility to match every interior dream, and quality that lasts, our decorative solutions are the obvious choice for creating an inspiring environment in your home. From calming bedrooms to energetic living rooms and functional kitchens, Namly offers that extra touch to elevate your spaces to new heights. Shop wall decor with confidence and let us help you realize your vision of a more beautiful and personalized space. We are always available for your questions and inquiries.